Basement Sauna

Saunas and steam rooms actually don’t take up very much floor space and so are perfect for combining with a home gym, dance studio and/or hot tub to create your own luxury health spa right in your own home.

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Basement Sauna & Steam Room

Both steam rooms and saunas are excellent for alleviating respiratory ailments and the nagging aches of arthritis, rheumatism and other joint, ligament and deep bone pains, and the Scandinavians for centuries have sworn by their general overall health boosting benefits.

However, since saunas and steam rooms are by their very essence extremely moist environments it is imperative that you have more than adequate ventilation to direct warm moist air out of doors, as well as excellent circulation of air below grade, otherwise mold and mildew could proliferate. In addition, you will need to ensure that there are no underlying structural problems or already existing moist, damp or moldy areas in your basement that could be worsened by the addition of yet more humidity.

You will also need adequate electrical installations and connections as well as essential fireproofing to support the type of electrical demands that these sophisticated installations require.

Prior to starting any renovation work, Martel Group team of professional basement inspectors will evaluate the extent of any repairs or structural work that needs to be carried out. This may include waterproofing, correcting wall cracks and damaged foundations, verifying that down spouts are working as intended, replacing soggy, mildewed or otherwise compromised insulation, verifying the functionality of electrical fittings and installing the 220 volt wiring and connections that most electric saunas and steam rooms require.

It is particularly imperative with a sauna and steam room that your basement has adequate insulation and heating in winter otherwise your water pipes could freeze, burst and cause extensive damage. You will usually also need access to a gravity drain or other mechanism of directing condensed steam out into your main drainage system.

We can install any of the prefabricated sauna and steam baths that are available on the market or you can choose to have one custom built by Martel Group  so that it perfectly fits into the nook or space you have available.

With steam rooms and saunas smaller is usually better than larger so that the room can heat up and fill with steam more quickly. Think carefully about how many people will usually be using your sauna or steam room at any one time and plan accordingly.

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